How can I become a famous singer or songwriter?


Does anyone know how to become famous? I want to be a singer or songwriter. Where do I get my start? How can I get exposure? I don’t have any industry connections, please help.


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i think everyone these days wants to be famous… all you really gotta do is get yourself recognized work your way up from small lil plays to televsion


YouTube. There are many wonderful talent scouts out there waiting for you. They may ask you to dance for them. With or without clothing. How reputable!


Stay true to yourself and write catchy but dignified songs. Play small time gigs and then put out demo tapes to record companies (alot of record companies). DO NOT duet with any rubbish pop stars (Britney Spears, Akon etc.) DO NOT go on American Idol or ANY Idol show, you’ll have a 2 week career if you do. Make sure your songs are good.

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