Can a person make a good living by being a songwriter for other artists?


I’m assuming being a songwriter is kind of like being an aspiring writer except you send your songs to different music companies? How does one “make it” as a songwriter?


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im not really a producer or anything.
im just a 14 year old teenage girl./:
lol. but i believe that you can make a darn good living by being a songwriter.!
think of how much an artist would pay you for a hit song. [:

North Powerman

Yes if he made a lot of songs.

Your Just Another Pretty Face

Yes, you can make a decent living if you are selling the songs, to a band that will produce it.

The only way that somone will buy your song/songs is if you have a lawyer that has copyrighted your songs. So they are in fact your songs to sell in the first place, then you can transfer the copyright agreements to the buyer.

My step dads work partner sold a song called Zipper? or something for $ 10,000 USD


You sure can ! Lots of artists are looking for songs to help their careers as are their agents. Try to get an agent interested in your stuff so you get some protection i.e. copyrights etc. Do you know anyone who sings well? Maybe you two can make a demo and launch two careers. Much good luck to you.

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